Hello from Dublin everybody! I arrived home safe and sound. I just came back, and I’m thinking already about returning to New York. Oh God! How I love this city…

It’s been an amazing two weeks, just me and the whole town around. This time less touristy. Hmmm… I’m not a tourist anymore, right? hahaha. I went to the big apple to live a little life of its own, to think, to be alone with myself. To visit the places where I wasn’t before, breathe the air in New York. At the beginning it was a bit strange. For the first time I was completely alone on vacation. I’m not a loner at all! I love people and I love to be among them. Honestly, it was a few moments when I felt lonely there, especially at the beginning. Yeah, in this huge city too you can feel lonely if you don’t know anyone. But also in this big city it’s impossible to stay alone. You always have a chance to know someone… in the subway, in the park, in the shop or at the museum 🙂 I met a New Yorker, I wrote about this in a post about the Whitney Museum of American Art. He’s nice, caring and very patient guy. I’m sorry that you always had to wait for me.lol

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We had a nice chat and good vibes from the beginning. Though we have seen only a few times in my fourteen-day trip I really had a great time. He showed me a funny museum in Times Sq of whose existence I had no idea. And we both had fun like a kids there. Also he took me for a very cool party and I had a chance to see how New Yorkers partying. Btw, he is a very very good dancer! Almost like me haha 😉 Thank you Alexander! I hope to see you again in New York or in Poland 🙂

Except my problems and stress at the beginning (I overslept) everything else was excellent. New York is wonderful, and it was a great two weeks of my life. Too bad that the days passed so quickly. Well… All Good Things Come to an End. But who said that it ends for good? We can always do it again, right?! If something makes you happy do it again and again! 🙂




BUSHWICK COLLECTIVE and last moments in my second home…

My last day exploring, walking and waiting for the subway 😉 I couldn’t spend that day anywhere else than wandering around Brooklyn. Fascinated by Williamsburg district I went a few more stations deeper in Brooklyn to Bushwick. This area it’s like a kingdom of street art. I read that Bushwick Collective is the world’s largest exhibition of graffiti art. Artists come here from all over the world to leave their work on the walls of New York. Whole town of paintings, full of color, and a damn good talent!

IMG_7204 (2)

IMG_7147 (2)

IMG_7190 (2)

IMG_7140 (2)

IMG_7132 (2)

IMG_7179 (2)

IMG_7154 (2)

IMG_7121 (2)

IMG_7164 (2)

IMG_7163 (2)

IMG_7196 (2)

IMG_7201 (3)

IMG_7230 (2)

IMG_7152 (2)

IMG_7207 (2)

IMG_7188 (2)

IMG_7234 (2)

The longer I live in Brooklyn, the more I love this place! I feel that is where I belong. I feel freely and relaxed. I’m watching neighborhood and street art impresses me every day. I’ve never spent so much time in Brooklyn. Every tourist goes straight into Manhattan and rightly so, because it’s great and has a lot to offer but if I had to choose a place where I want to live it would be Brooklyn. I’ve been here almost two weeks, I’m coming home after dark and I didn’t have even one dangerous situation. Times have changed and Brooklyn too, it’s no longer a dangerous neighborhood. People walk at night all the time and no one pays attention to anyone. Sorry, but I can’t say the same about Dublin, where I live. Here I’m running from work and I look back every 5 minutes. Two years ago two guys stole my purse when I was coming back home from work and since then I don’t feel safe in Dublin. Once I went in the evening with the camera and almost lost it. It’s sad but in Dublin is a lot of junkies and you never know what can happen and what you can expect. In New York, I went alone with a camera in my hand all the time and no one paid any attention. My New York friend commented it like that “yeah, because here we all have cameras.lol”. Well ok, but I mean behavior! I feel really safe here and like at home, all too much like at home. 😉

IMG_7187 (3)

I already miss the city! This is my second home, nowhere else in the world I didn’t feel so well and so happy as here. Even my discomfort to speak English disappeared… relax,  probably will come back at the airport in Dublin haha. Ohhh! I don’t want to leave! But I have to, my love is waiting for me at home, he is my home! Where he is there and I, right?  For too long time we were apart.

Sunday Funday in CONEY ISLAND

IMG_7008 (2)

Welcome to Coney Island! This place is awesome. It’s exactly the same like in the  American movies but with the small difference… this time I’m not watching! I’m in that movie, it’s my own, real American Dream. Huge amusement park right on the ocean, I’m in paradise.

IMG_6811 (2)

IMG_6978 (2)

IMG_6977 (2)

IMG_6970 (2)

IMG_6825 (2)

IMG_6870 (2)

IMG_6887 (2)

IMG_6876 (2)

IMG_6869 (2)

IMG_6808 (2)

IMG_6819 (2)

IMG_6904 (2)

IMG_6896 (2)

I was tempted to go for very steep roller coaster „Thunderbolt” but I chickened out and to be honest I didn’t want to do this alone.lol Anyway, I couldn’t be in the carousel city and don’t take advantage of even one attraction. I jumped at the Wonder Wheel and to not look like a coward I chose swinging car (bravely, right?) 😉 but honestly I chose the giant wheel to enjoy the views. Such a paradox, I have a fear of heights but at the same time I love the views from the top and I can’t resist them even if I have jelly legs . Well… I am human, and we have a lot of contradictions hahaha.

IMG_6937 (2)

IMG_6918 (2)

IMG_6922 (2)

IMG_6923 (2)

Except the fact that I was there completely alone and was Sunday, so I was walking between these all lovers and dating couples 😉 this day was really excellent. Beautiful views, delicious food and a lot of fun. What could I want more? Well, I met Warren 😉 guy whose mouth didn’t want to stop talking. A man who loves Polish women and man who knew about New York City more than we can read in guidebooks. When he started to talk to me for the first time – on the promenade, I ignored him but he caught me with his colleague when I was on the pier… and from there was no escape. Mature man with an interesting life story, to my surprise he knew a lot about Poland, and of course a lot about Polish women. To all this, his mother was Irish… what a coincidence haha.

IMG_6990 (2)


Day full of water and another bridge to the collection. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge connects the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn. The bridge is named for the Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, who became the first European to enter New York Harbor and the Hudson River.

IMG_6703 (2)

This double-decked suspension giant is doing really colossal impression. Is over 4km in length, and its massive towers can be seen throughout a good part of the NY metropolitan area. I love bridges, water and these types of views. Unfortunately Verrazano bridge is only open to car traffic.

IMG_6706 (2)

IMG_6714 (2)

The whole Bay Ridge neighborhood looks like a small town, which we can see in American movies. Low buildings, American flags everywhere and no tourists … well, except me;) Time seemed to flow a little slower here.

IMG_6664 (2)

IMG_6735 (2)

IMG_6660 (2)

IMG_6668 (2)

Have a nice weekend folks.xx

MY 1st BROADWAY SHOW… forever in Never Never Land!

Good morning! In New York is almost 9am and I just woke up… still excited about last  evening. First time in my life I was at a Broadway Show in Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

When your feet do not touch the ground,

When your voice will not make a sound.

Here, it’s safe, in this place,

Above the clouds ….

Who doesn’t like Neverland and Peter Pan? I love Peter and the whole magical Neverland too. I remember many years ago I saw Peter Pan in Gdansk theater and it was amazing. Finding Neverland is a great and an imaginative musical that tells the story of Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie.

This was a wonderful evening, show was beautiful, funny and touching. Good acting, lovely costumes and decoration, a lot of energy and great voices. A special tribute for Laura Michelle Kelly, she has an amazing voice.

IMG_6649 (2)

To be clear.. Broadway Shows are not cheap but This Is Broadway Baby!!! I planned to buy tickets somewhere in the end, you know just the cheapest one. I went yesterday to TSTK in Brooklyn and I hunted a great promotions. $82 for ticket at the orchestra. I sat in row 8, and I could almost touch the actor’s leg. Normally these tickets would cost more than $ 200 so I’m very lucky. This was truly money well spent 🙂

So come with me where dreams are born,

and time is never planned.

Just think of lovely things,

and your heart will fly on wings,

forever in Never Never Land.

IMG_6658 (2)

BELIEVE IT OR NOT! YOU made my day ;)

Pizza for breakfast and chocolate for dinner – holiday, right? I can’t feel guilty on vacation.lol My Wednesday’s greatest, funniest and totally unexpected attraction was a museum on Times Square – Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Something so funny and surprising as this place I didn’t see a really long time.

IMG_6386 (2)

IMG_6333 (2)

IMG_6373 (2)

IMG_6368 (2)

IMG_6365 (2)

IMG_6340 (2)

IMG_6354 (2)

IMG_6376 (2)

IMG_6381 (2)

IMG_6383 (2)

IMG_6374 (2)

IMG_6385 (2)

After museum I went for a long walk. I have visited Friends Building and West Village area. I walked half of Manhattan to next walk through the High Line. I had no idea that stupid rain was following me. I was maybe in the middle of High Line Park and then it started raining. Thanks weather! You are great!

IMG_6387 (2)

IMG_6403 (2)

IMG_6426 (2)

IMG_6427 (2)

IMG_6431 (2)

IMG_6448 (2)

IMG_6455 (2)

IMG_6438 (2)

IMG_6445 (2)

IMG_6461 (2)

IMG_6465 (2)

One Day in Purple!

I don’t believe that i have already one week behind in this city. Well, time flies quickly and especially on vacation. Tuesday’s weather was sucks, all day cloudy and cold so I stayed at home until evening. I was working on the blog and new pictures. I would like to add new posts at the end of each day but in the evenings I am tired, exhausted and I almost fall asleep in a sitting position.lol So I try to get up earlier to complete my New York diary. By the way, the weather is bad cheater… supposed to be warm and sunny! Well then, I will not give up the weather… oh no! Enough that Dublin weather playing with me 😉

IMG_5996 (2)

IMG_6034 (2)

I left the house in the evening and went to Queens. I traveled trail of my favorite color… purple train number 7. I went to one of the above-ground metro station to take one picture. Well, maybe a few pictures 😉 I was looking for this place for a long time and finally I have it. It’s really fascinating and a great view and I am very happy that I was there. The whole trip in purple train is an enjoyable, long way it moves above the ground so you can enjoy beautiful views of Manhattan.

IMG_6030 (2)

I had to change train at Grand Central Station, so I went inside for a minute to snap a photo.

IMG_6115 (2)

IMG_6136 (2)

IMG_6143 (2)

Then I walked around the city to get to my red subway station. Manhattan is so beautiful at night, everything shines as the lights on the Christmas tree. Imagine that exactly today, on my purple tour the Empire State building was also purple…. a coincidence!? 😉

IMG_6173 (2)

IMG_6194 (2)

My little trip ended at Time Square, just one more quick selfie at the end of the day and I went home.

IMG_6303 (2)