Oh no… I overslept!

I do not believe that it’s all happening… probably worse luck and greater happiness than I had today, you can’t have! So, yes! I planned my trip for a long time… a lonely trip, life adventure! For the first time alone on another continent, scared and excited at the same time. And how could it be different? Oh yeah! because everything in my life can never be easy, never boring and slightly 😉 But seriously? Today? Right now?  I closed my eyes for 5 minutes and what? I overslept! And I don’t even planned to lie down. Especially I went earlier from work to be ready on time, prepare everything, clean the apartment before leaving and stuff. My driver was waiting for me at 6.30am but I opened my eyes at 9.30am! My phone died, went to sleep with me. Asshole! When I realized what time it is, I ran out of the house like burned. Now I don’t even know if I turned off the lights in the apartment or not. I screwed up!

I caught a random taxi and it was my first luck on this day. The guy was amazing. I think he broke all the road rules for me 😉 and I was sitting in back-seat, looking out of window and thinking about plan B. I was looking for some alternatives for my 14-day holiday … what will I do if they fly away without me? Think about the fact that I could lose the chance to dream and awaited adventure, and to lose a lot of money driving me crazy. I wanted to scream, cry and yell. I was mad at myself that I closed my eyes on the damned „5 minutes”.

I ran to the airport scared with a shy smile and the eyes of a cat from Shrek movie… Help! I am late! Calm down girl! Will be fine… I heard from airport worker, who did an interview with me. Seriously?! So there is hope. Oh God! I don’t know what a miracle I was able to pass all gates, all the interviews and get on that plane. Stupid is lucky 😉 In the last year and two years ago it takes forever, a few hours we waited in queues to control, and they have a lot of them in Dublin.

Fortunately, everything ended well. I got on the plane and after 6 hours of flight I’m already in Brooklyn. 14 days in New York City Baby! Stay tuned.xx

13181173_1361091740574105_1975794284_n (2)



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