Brooklyn <3

OMG! I fell asleep with a laptop on my knees;) I wanted to describe my first day of walking around New York City and I just fell asleep. But it’s nothing, I got up early today and catching up.

I live in Brooklyn and here I decided to spend the whole Wednesday. Besides, I always started visiting New York from Brooklyn and the East River. This is my start, I feel safe here, I know the area and is really incredibly beautiful here. Also they have the best ice cream in the world in Brooklyn Heights so i couldn’t say no 😉




I was walking around a good few hours. I went through the whole Brooklyn Bridge Park with wonderful views of Lower Manhattan. I didn’t even notice when I came to Red Hook… I heard that they serve here the best lobster in town. I’ve never been in this area. Governors Island seems to be so close form here. And the weather…. Oh! I don’t remember when I felt such a strong sun on my shoulders. Well, I live in





For lunch I went to Shake Shack for the very famous burger… to be in New York City and didn’t eat Shack Burger? Shame! Hahaha. After little break I went back to the river to my beloved Dumbo. Honestly I love this area. You’re standing between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge and you can’t decide which is more beautiful. I jumped at the most romantic and probably the most crowded bridge which I know. Almost 2 km walk along one of the oldest bridges in the world, the wind in my hair, freedom and happiness. Everything looks unreal, this diversity of buildings and wonderful architecture. Manhattan looks incredible amazing from Brooklyn Bridge.







I tried to do a selfie on the bridge… like everyone else but Hmmm I’m not very good in this 😉 But I grabbed a nice group of people who did the photo shoots. Photographer! She caught my attention, she did a great job on the ropes of the bridge trying to do a good photo. This is not easy work and plus crowds of tourists on the bridge… impressive 🙂

Have a good day folks. xx



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