My Friday the 13th…

Sorry, but I don’t have any photos today! Black cat caught me yesterday.LOL Normally I don’t believe in superstitions but yesterday I had my own Friday the 13th! I was almost ready to go out and then my wonderful cell phone stopped working. Seriously? Damn! right now when I’m so far from home… Alone in NY and without a phone? It is impossible. I need to have contact with the world!


Yesterday was raining all day, so there was no sense to walk around the city and get wet. Besides, I had to find a new phone!!! I went to Queens, to a big shopping center which I know from my last holiday. I thought that there I will find something for my. Unfortunately, my bad luck was holding me all day. I didn’t buy cell phone. It’s not easy here to find a phone without unlock and without a contract for 2 years… and also not too expensive.

Well, I’m still without a cell phone but … I bought a new pair of You know Ladies! Something new for a better mood 😉

I hope you had yesterday more luck than I did. Have a nice weekend folks.xx



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