New Phone and Union Square Farmers Market ;)

”I am looking for a smartphone” – Day two! Huge BestBuy store on Union Square and only a few unlocked phones. I was standing there a lot of time wondering what I have to do… buy the cheapest one just to survive the holiday in the US or buy a more expensive and spend a lot of holiday money on stupid phone. I bought the cheapest one for 55$. I couldn’t risk, that I will run out of cash before I will go to see Broadway Show…. Oh! I want it so badly!!!

My Saturday was quite lazy. I’m sick of shops and trains! Seriously! I feel that I lost a lot of time to enjoy the city, because I was looking for stupid phone. But now I have it, so I can start my adventure again 😉

IMG_5429 (2)

IMG_5415 (2)

IMG_5405 (2)

Yesterday was a huge farmers market on Union Square. Fresh vegetables, pastries and craft products. A lot of flowers and a lot of people … it was hard to make a good photo but I have few 😉

IMG_5399 (2)

IMG_5402 (2)

IMG_5389 (2)

IMG_5395 (2)

IMG_5422 (2)

IMG_5424 (2)

IMG_5419 (2)

IMG_5418 (2)

IMG_5408 (2)

Have a nice Sunday.xx



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