Art connects people… I went to the Whitney museum on Sunday. The museum is located in the Meatpacking District, right next to the most fashionable Park in New York – High Line. Whitney is devoted to American art. It has a really large collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs… everyone can find something for yourself. The museum has 85 years but came out of the shadow of the more popular trio – The Met, Guggenheim and MoMA, when it changed the location and moved to the Meatpacking District. Great! because it’s really much to see there, both inside and out as well. The building has 8 floors, and I read that it cost gigantic $400 million. WOW!

The rooms are very spacious with high ceilings and pleasant atmosphere. Quite big terraces and really nice view… I think that the museum building itself is worth a visit, even if you’re not a huge fan of contemporary art. I was delighted.

IMG_5450 (2)

IMG_5459 (2)

IMG_5463 (2)

IMG_5453 (2)

IMG_5470 (2)

IMG_5456 (2)

I had the pleasure to meet the charming New Yorker. Art really brings people together 😉 Finally, I had the opportunity to talk to someone for more than 5 minutes chat with a girl in the shop or a waitress in the restaurant.Lol. My new New York colleague offered help with my long list of „What I want to do in NYC.” I wasn’t sure at first moment… I do not know you at all! But also I didn’t want to be a freak so I said yes. New Yorkers are very open and friendly. Well, why not! By the way… a few more lonely days and I will start to talk to myself haha.

IMG_5516 (2)

IMG_5475 (2)

IMG_5514 (2)

IMG_5476 (2)

IMG_5519 (2)

IMG_5523 (2)

IMG_5529 (2)

IMG_5521 (2)

IMG_5525 (2)

IMG_5522 (2)

IMG_5502 (2)

IMG_5532 (2)

And it happened, I was on my first Manhattan daytime party. Unbelievable how they can do it in the middle of the day… It was the rooftop bar… yeah! They love the terraces and me too 😉 When we got to the club, I felt like in some R&B video. WOW! My lovely Paradox Club from years ago is nothing compared to what has happened in that club. Too bad that the party ended up around midnight.

P.S. I finally was in a yellow taxi.lol  So the next thing in the list is done.

It was a great Sunday, full of attractions and experiences.


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