One Day in Purple!

I don’t believe that i have already one week behind in this city. Well, time flies quickly and especially on vacation. Tuesday’s weather was sucks, all day cloudy and cold so I stayed at home until evening. I was working on the blog and new pictures. I would like to add new posts at the end of each day but in the evenings I am tired, exhausted and I almost fall asleep in a sitting So I try to get up earlier to complete my New York diary. By the way, the weather is bad cheater… supposed to be warm and sunny! Well then, I will not give up the weather… oh no! Enough that Dublin weather playing with me 😉

IMG_5996 (2)

IMG_6034 (2)

I left the house in the evening and went to Queens. I traveled trail of my favorite color… purple train number 7. I went to one of the above-ground metro station to take one picture. Well, maybe a few pictures 😉 I was looking for this place for a long time and finally I have it. It’s really fascinating and a great view and I am very happy that I was there. The whole trip in purple train is an enjoyable, long way it moves above the ground so you can enjoy beautiful views of Manhattan.

IMG_6030 (2)

I had to change train at Grand Central Station, so I went inside for a minute to snap a photo.

IMG_6115 (2)

IMG_6136 (2)

IMG_6143 (2)

Then I walked around the city to get to my red subway station. Manhattan is so beautiful at night, everything shines as the lights on the Christmas tree. Imagine that exactly today, on my purple tour the Empire State building was also purple…. a coincidence!? 😉

IMG_6173 (2)

IMG_6194 (2)

My little trip ended at Time Square, just one more quick selfie at the end of the day and I went home.

IMG_6303 (2)




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