BELIEVE IT OR NOT! YOU made my day ;)

Pizza for breakfast and chocolate for dinner – holiday, right? I can’t feel guilty on My Wednesday’s greatest, funniest and totally unexpected attraction was a museum on Times Square – Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Something so funny and surprising as this place I didn’t see a really long time.

IMG_6386 (2)

IMG_6333 (2)

IMG_6373 (2)

IMG_6368 (2)

IMG_6365 (2)

IMG_6340 (2)

IMG_6354 (2)

IMG_6376 (2)

IMG_6381 (2)

IMG_6383 (2)

IMG_6374 (2)

IMG_6385 (2)

After museum I went for a long walk. I have visited Friends Building and West Village area. I walked half of Manhattan to next walk through the High Line. I had no idea that stupid rain was following me. I was maybe in the middle of High Line Park and then it started raining. Thanks weather! You are great!

IMG_6387 (2)

IMG_6403 (2)

IMG_6426 (2)

IMG_6427 (2)

IMG_6431 (2)

IMG_6448 (2)

IMG_6455 (2)

IMG_6438 (2)

IMG_6445 (2)

IMG_6461 (2)

IMG_6465 (2)



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