Sunday Funday in CONEY ISLAND

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Welcome to Coney Island! This place is awesome. It’s exactly the same like in the  American movies but with the small difference… this time I’m not watching! I’m in that movie, it’s my own, real American Dream. Huge amusement park right on the ocean, I’m in paradise.

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I was tempted to go for very steep roller coaster „Thunderbolt” but I chickened out and to be honest I didn’t want to do this Anyway, I couldn’t be in the carousel city and don’t take advantage of even one attraction. I jumped at the Wonder Wheel and to not look like a coward I chose swinging car (bravely, right?) 😉 but honestly I chose the giant wheel to enjoy the views. Such a paradox, I have a fear of heights but at the same time I love the views from the top and I can’t resist them even if I have jelly legs . Well… I am human, and we have a lot of contradictions hahaha.

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Except the fact that I was there completely alone and was Sunday, so I was walking between these all lovers and dating couples 😉 this day was really excellent. Beautiful views, delicious food and a lot of fun. What could I want more? Well, I met Warren 😉 guy whose mouth didn’t want to stop talking. A man who loves Polish women and man who knew about New York City more than we can read in guidebooks. When he started to talk to me for the first time – on the promenade, I ignored him but he caught me with his colleague when I was on the pier… and from there was no escape. Mature man with an interesting life story, to my surprise he knew a lot about Poland, and of course a lot about Polish women. To all this, his mother was Irish… what a coincidence haha.

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