BUSHWICK COLLECTIVE and last moments in my second home…

My last day exploring, walking and waiting for the subway 😉 I couldn’t spend that day anywhere else than wandering around Brooklyn. Fascinated by Williamsburg district I went a few more stations deeper in Brooklyn to Bushwick. This area it’s like a kingdom of street art. I read that Bushwick Collective is the world’s largest exhibition of graffiti art. Artists come here from all over the world to leave their work on the walls of New York. Whole town of paintings, full of color, and a damn good talent!

IMG_7204 (2)

IMG_7147 (2)

IMG_7190 (2)

IMG_7140 (2)

IMG_7132 (2)

IMG_7179 (2)

IMG_7154 (2)

IMG_7121 (2)

IMG_7164 (2)

IMG_7163 (2)

IMG_7196 (2)

IMG_7201 (3)

IMG_7230 (2)

IMG_7152 (2)

IMG_7207 (2)

IMG_7188 (2)

IMG_7234 (2)

The longer I live in Brooklyn, the more I love this place! I feel that is where I belong. I feel freely and relaxed. I’m watching neighborhood and street art impresses me every day. I’ve never spent so much time in Brooklyn. Every tourist goes straight into Manhattan and rightly so, because it’s great and has a lot to offer but if I had to choose a place where I want to live it would be Brooklyn. I’ve been here almost two weeks, I’m coming home after dark and I didn’t have even one dangerous situation. Times have changed and Brooklyn too, it’s no longer a dangerous neighborhood. People walk at night all the time and no one pays attention to anyone. Sorry, but I can’t say the same about Dublin, where I live. Here I’m running from work and I look back every 5 minutes. Two years ago two guys stole my purse when I was coming back home from work and since then I don’t feel safe in Dublin. Once I went in the evening with the camera and almost lost it. It’s sad but in Dublin is a lot of junkies and you never know what can happen and what you can expect. In New York, I went alone with a camera in my hand all the time and no one paid any attention. My New York friend commented it like that “yeah, because here we all have cameras.lol”. Well ok, but I mean behavior! I feel really safe here and like at home, all too much like at home. 😉

IMG_7187 (3)

I already miss the city! This is my second home, nowhere else in the world I didn’t feel so well and so happy as here. Even my discomfort to speak English disappeared… relax,  probably will come back at the airport in Dublin haha. Ohhh! I don’t want to leave! But I have to, my love is waiting for me at home, he is my home! Where he is there and I, right?  For too long time we were apart.



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