Hello from Dublin everybody! I arrived home safe and sound. I just came back, and I’m thinking already about returning to New York. Oh God! How I love this city…

It’s been an amazing two weeks, just me and the whole town around. This time less touristy. Hmmm… I’m not a tourist anymore, right? hahaha. I went to the big apple to live a little life of its own, to think, to be alone with myself. To visit the places where I wasn’t before, breathe the air in New York. At the beginning it was a bit strange. For the first time I was completely alone on vacation. I’m not a loner at all! I love people and I love to be among them. Honestly, it was a few moments when I felt lonely there, especially at the beginning. Yeah, in this huge city too you can feel lonely if you don’t know anyone. But also in this big city it’s impossible to stay alone. You always have a chance to know someone… in the subway, in the park, in the shop or at the museum 🙂 I met a New Yorker, I wrote about this in a post about the Whitney Museum of American Art. He’s nice, caring and very patient guy. I’m sorry that you always had to wait for me.lol

nyc blog

We had a nice chat and good vibes from the beginning. Though we have seen only a few times in my fourteen-day trip I really had a great time. He showed me a funny museum in Times Sq of whose existence I had no idea. And we both had fun like a kids there. Also he took me for a very cool party and I had a chance to see how New Yorkers partying. Btw, he is a very very good dancer! Almost like me haha 😉 Thank you Alexander! I hope to see you again in New York or in Poland 🙂

Except my problems and stress at the beginning (I overslept) everything else was excellent. New York is wonderful, and it was a great two weeks of my life. Too bad that the days passed so quickly. Well… All Good Things Come to an End. But who said that it ends for good? We can always do it again, right?! If something makes you happy do it again and again! 🙂




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