Hi! It’s been two weeks since I returned from NYC…. well, two weeks from when my body was back to Dublin.lol I fought very hard to stop my mind as long as possible in America but unfortunately I can’t keep my head on vacation forever if the rest of my body is here. It’s time to come back and I think I’m already here in one piece, my mind finally joined to my body 😉

It’s always hard to come back from vacation and even harder from a place which you love and which is so far away. I don’t hide that I think when could I go back to NYC. I can’t imagine that I couldn’t visit my beloved city once a year and I will do everything to visit NY in 2017. I know I’m monothematic but when I’m in this city the blood in my veins flows faster, and my heart beats harder. This is love… love for this amazing city which began a long time ago and probably never pass away. As a little girl I kept telling my parents that I want to go there, that I want to be there, that this city is calling me… why? I have no idea! Maybe in the past, in some other life there was my home 🙂 anyway some part of me belongs to this piece of American land and I’m glad that I spent a holiday there again.

But as I wrote at the beginning… vacation has ended and it’s time to finally back home! I already accepted  the fact that I’m in Dublin. This is a very important moment for us. Our last two months in the Irish capital after nearly five years of living here. I had promised myself that I won’t be caught by any negative thoughts. Just positive vibrations! Luckily summer came to Ireland so one problem less, hooray! Oh, I still have many things to do before leaving… I want to make these last 60 days were very positive, happy and memorable.

P.S. Btw, younger sister of my best friend came to Dublin few weeks ago and joined to our Capitol team so we have fresh and crazy blood with us.lol She makes me laugh to tears just like her older sister… I love these girls!

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