June is the month of PRIDE. On Saturday pride parade passed through the streets of Dublin and in the crowd of happy and smiling people was me. It was my first LGBTQ pride parade and I have to say that the positive energy and happiness of all people made my day! Nothing’s better than happiness, right?

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IMG_7678 (2)

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IMG_7689 (2)

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Not everyone has to agree with me, we are free people and everyone has a right to their own opinion but remember that we are one and the same human species. So why only some of us may have the right and opportunity to be happy? We can’t be so selfish. People still have a problem with acceptance of everything what they don’t understand. But we don’t have to understand everything to be happy in our lives. Don’t judge others by their beliefs, religion, skin color, etc. Let’s focus on personality and intentions of the other man. We should more respect each other and support each other. We all have the same right to love and freedom. Love is our power!



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