Williamsburg… This Is It!

Half an hour in the underground to get from Brooklyn through Manhattan to Brooklyn again. I went to Williamsburg! I never have been here before… yeah, I know! I missed probably one of the coolest neighborhoods in NYC.  By the way … on the plane I watched comedy How to Be Single and one of the girls lived in this area. If you saw the movie you will recognize the pic.


I don’t know what happened to me but I’m not like a Chinese tourist on vacation anymore… if you know what I mean 😉 I don’t do one hundred photos per minute any more. Weirdo!? I’m here completely alone and I want to remember this trip for the rest of my life. I want to see everything through MY eyes. I want to feel everything, see everything, and remember all the 14 days.





IMG_5301 (2)


Did I say that I love Brooklyn? Probably a thousand times… as always! But time I’m full of emotion, because it’s my first time in Williamsburg. And this is it! Totally my style, hipsters to the bone. Very stylish, colored inks and lovely street art. And they all look great here, sometimes weird but in a good way. Original, well-dressed, and totally chillin people. Can I live here? Please, I want to stay here, hide and live each day the same as I experience now. I’m feeling good, soo fucking good. This place is awesome!






I noticed there a few Polish accents. On Bedford Street is a Polish restaurant and is called DZIUPLA, they had happy hour for all dumplings so why not?! Do you like Polish pierogi? I love it and also I got a dinner for 5$ so double satisfaction.  The waitress was Polish and we had a nice chat, she confirmed my feeling that this place is very friendly, interesting and amazing. I will come here again, for sure!





Have a nice Friday the 13th 😉 xx